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just once again..

long time ago i met a boy in my neighbourhood
and i knew,
he was the one i want
the one i love
and the one i never wanna loose,
he was my one and only,
he was the boy of my dreams

but since i met you
something had changed
he disappeared from my thoughts
disappeared from my dreams
cause now there are you
filling my thoughts
and filling my dreams

on the spur of the moment
i fell in love with you
head over heals
can't live without you

you've got to smile
cause i love that grin
so please smile for me,
smile just once again

come here, give me a hug
and just hold me tight
come here, give me a hug
and hold me from morning to night

you've got to laugh
cause i love this sound
so please laugh for me,
laugh just once again

i damn miss you
and i wanna kiss you
i wanna burrow my nose in your neck
and i wanna get a sweet peck
please hurry up, and come back to me
please hurry up, i wish you were here

i wanna hold your hand
wanna paint hearts in the sand

you can do what you want but
i won't forget you that soon

you can do what you want
cause you're my man on the moon

you've got to talk
cause i love your voice
so please talk to me
let me hear it just once again

when i'm with you
i'm on the crest of the wave
when i'm with you
i just feel safe

i can not sleep
and can not dream
so come back to me, don't leave me alone
come back to me, i wish you were here
11.4.07 18:07

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