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too far away..

I know that he loved you
and you loved him too
you had a nice time together
but nothing leasts for ever

you're so far away
and i think that is fine
you're so far away
and now he is mine

you said: i'm sorry
you're too far away
i'll love you for ever
don't know how to say
i think it is over, but i still miss you
i think it is over, but boy i love you

stupid girl, just say good bye
cause you won't get him back
just stay in new zealand
and search for your luck

don't say that you miss him
stop tellin that shit
you said it is over
so please cope with it

you broke his heart
he won't wait for you
and if you come back
he might break yours too

leave him alone and
don't try it again,
please let him get happy
just without you!

i don't think that you know me
and that might be fine
cause you're so far away
and now he is mine

you might be a nice girl
but i can't stand you
please stay where you are
i don't wanna see you

i think that he likes me
and that is quite fine
so shut up and fuck you
cause now he is mine!
11.4.07 18:08

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